Perham Down 2016

Perham Down 2016
July 2016 saw members of BGH head to Perham Down on Salisbury Plain Training Area to investigate some WW1 practice trenches with the aim of learning more about this area and to what extent the trenches replicated real trenches?

Information obtained from the national archives suggested that this landscape was vast and significant in the training of troops prior to their deployment to France and Flanders but just how significant was yet to be established. This landscape was also used in the Second World War as a range complex and munitions disposal area.  

The project proved to be a complete success as we were able to answer all of our research questions and more, as the trenches were preserved in amazing condition under the topsoil, which left us all wanting to go back for more. 

Wessex Archaeology provided the expert commercial support and under their supervision participants were not only able to build on their archaeological skills, they were also able to get their all-important Skills Passport filled in too.
Perham Down Reports and Literature 
Mark Khan's analysis of the ammunition recovered from the Perham Down 2016 excavation
Perham Down World War 1 Practice Trenches, Salisbury Plain, Hampshire. Wessex Archaeology
Click on the Image below to read Wessex Archaeology's Blog of the excavation
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