Completed Projects

If any of these projects interest you then get in touch with us and reserve your place 
Professor John Hines Anglo -Saxon Research

In 2013, John published a large tome with the results of a major 15-year English Heritage-funded study of Early Anglo-Saxon grave goods and burial assemblages J. Hines and A. Bayliss eds. ‘Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods of the 6th and 7th Centuries AD: A Chronological Framework’. John is now looking at revising this work and is looking for BGH members to assist in this process.

This Video is John explaining his research and how you might be able to assist in his research.
Ex Urnfield
Bronze Age cremation cemetery

At an undisclosed location in the south of Britain a Bronze Age cremation cemetery has been discovered and needs recovering so that it does not suffer further damage. This excavation will require the excavators to use a steady hand and patience to recover the remarkable pottery with cremated remains inside. 

This project will be supervised by one of Britains best human remains specialist so, if this is an interest of yours then you will not want to miss this project.
Ex Celtic Festival II

Due to the huge success of the 2016 excavations we are pleased to announce that BGH will be once again returning to the midden, this time to explore further the structures that have been uncovered and understand how they relate th the midden and the site in general.

We will again seek to provide some excellent activities to run concurrently on site such as blacksmithing, pottery making and cookery using techniques from the Early Iron Age.

Air frame Recovery 

There are several Second World War downed aircraft that will need excavating over the next few years, air frames such as a B17 Flying Fortress, Halifax bomber and Ju88's and Spitfires.

BGH has been involved in previous excavations of this type recovering a Spitfire and a Messerschmitt 109, the Spitfire excavation winning an MOD award.   

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