Ex Celtic Festival 2016

Exercise Celtic Festival 2016

Project overview

Summer 2016 and Breaking Ground Heritage descended once again to the traditional stomping ground of Salisbury Plain to undertake the Operation Nightingale project Ex Celtic Festival led by Wessex Archaeology.

Our aim was to discover a little more about what the area around the Late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age midden (rubbish tip) may have been used for?

As usual we had a mixture of veterans and wounded Injured and sick (WIS) service personnel in attendance learning a multitude of different skills from excavation and recording techniques to some very interesting heritage craft skills such as Prehistoric smithing, potting and cooking.

Participants also visited the amazing facilities at the Ancient Technology Centre to get a better understanding of what they might actually be excavating.

Wessex Archeology have conducted further post excavation work on the East Chisenbury Midden project. 
They have produced this superb photogrammetric study of an artefact found on site showing it in amazing detail.

To see some more work that Wessex Archaeology have done using this method they have provided a link to Sketchfab below. 
Ex Celtic Festival Videos
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