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Breaking Ground Heritage has been granted permission to use the British Archaeological Jobs and Resources (BAJR) Skills Passport to document the training that our participants have undertaken. The BAJR Skills Passport is an industry recognised record of training and experience that is accepted by all major archaeological units. Being a varification of the skills obtained within archaeology it is therefor invaluable for new archaeologists when gaining experience, additionally for those who wish to progress further in academic archaeology to an NVQ, the BAJR Skills Passport once complete will qualify as a single module towards the NVQ. 


I had always been interested in history and archaeology, but due to my role in the Army and later married and family life I did not have any time to pursue this more than documentaries on tv and odd day trips out.

My first contact with BGH was to partake in an archaeological dig which was local to me (East Chisenbury) and convenient to fit in with school runs amongst other things. It was a wonderful experience form digging, to cleaning and labelling finds and experimental archaeology. This really opened my eyes and fired my burgeoning interest in this field. What was great was, that despite my current situation and mental and physical issues, I was more than catered for and activities were adapted to suit my needs (and also everyone was so welcoming). 

I met like-minded individuals, mostly ex and serving military, who despite coming from different backgrounds with different life experiences, issues and injuries, all shared a common theme, an interest in archaeology, which really helped me in my recovery. It took my mind off ongoing issues and gave me the ability to focus on something new giving me an opportunity that I never had before and as result fired my interest in archaeology, to the extent I am volunteering weekly at Wessex Archaeology, and can't wait to find the it what next BGH project is.

I will most probably be leaving the army next year, but rather than be disheartened, angry and upset, I am positive and upbeat, thanks to Breaking Ground Heritage (and others) I have found a new direction, whether that be professional or an ardent hobby.

R. Willis Army
I suffered a life changing injury in Afghanistan which resulted in me loosing not only my career but my whole way of life over night. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with this and I am still on the pathway to recovery. 

I have always had an interest in archaeology and history. My adult life consisted of a diet of Time Team and Meet the Ancestors, never envisaging that I would be able to make a new career in this industry. 

My first experience in archaeology was with my daughter when we both attended an excavation being run by Richard Osgood on an Anglo-Saxon burial mound deep on Salisbury Plain. We were given an area to excavate under the supervision of an archaeologist and unbeknown to me it was a grave and we uncovered a fantastically preserved Anglo-Saxon female with a magnificent necklace. It was an extremely cathartic and thought provoking experience an one that I will never forget. 

I would recommend this project to anyone who has sat through an episode of Time Team and wondered what it would really be like to do the for real.

Richard Osgood has since been an excellent mentor to me and as a result I have undertaken a degree in Archaeology at the University of Exeter with ambitions to go onto Postgraduate study on completion. 

Sergeant B. Former Royal Marines Commando
After expressing an interest in History to my Psychiatrist, having sustained career ending injuries, I was put in contact with Breaking Ground Heritage, who then invited me to attend an archaeological dig.

  I was very sceptical to begin with, but was amazed by how enjoyable and helpful I found it. It allows me to switch off from my own head, to talk to others going through similar experiences and generally be what I consider normal again. 

BGH offer a wide variety of experiences from surveying to excavation to finds processing and beyond, so there’s something for everyone to join in with, regardless of personal limitations.

BGH has helped me to start getting on with my life again by offering me the chance to be useful and busy whilst partaking in something exciting and hugely rewarding. 

I always look forward to the coming projects and would strongly suggest that others at least give it a go to see what it’s like. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

M. Smith Army 
I left the army with a diagnoses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by my military service. I was introduced to Breaking Ground Heritage because of my passion for archaeology and heritage. With the help of Breaking Ground Heritage and the archaeological training it provides I have found purpose again, adapting my military skills to my civilian life which has helped me move forward to a new career successfully.

I am now studying for a BSc Archaeology at Winchester University, which is designed for students who wish to study the archaeological application of biological, physical and earth science techniques. Breaking Ground Heritage have helped and supported me whilst at University with excavation and research opportunities. For me, learning with other veterans has been an advantage as we all speak the same language and understand some of the challenges that what we have been through.

My future ambition is to embark on a Masters Degree and become a mentor supporting other veterans and service personnel that are in the process of leaving the military for whatever reason.

R. Steel Army
I came into this project low in confidence and having been quite isolated for a long time. The team at Breaking Ground Heritage made me very welcome and instantly feel like a part of a great team.
I was given a task and grew in confidence, having instantly made friends with other veteran’s, staff and venerated professionals within the heritage field. Seeing something come to life from a conception on a piece of paper, through to the 2/3 size replica WW1 tank you now see before you, was both immensely challenging and rewarding.
The pride I now feel having achieved this feat with my new friends, has given me greater confidence and belief in myself. Thank you to the amazing Breaking Ground Heritage project team for giving me the opportunity to find myself again.
(Anonymous) Army
On behalf of my husband, who is a veteran in recovery from head injuries and a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. He has had a tremendous week and has enjoyed being part of the project from start to finish. He has found being part of a team very rewarding, and has felt that he has been treated like ‘a normal person’. We would like to thank everyone who has made this possible, and for the support in enabling him in his recovery journey.
(Anonymous) Army
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